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The HQ Staff at Camp Shilo about 1940.
Sgt Roy Parrett, left, on callout from 70th Battery

Major Harold Elworthy, Sgt Roy Parrett and gunner Collins setup a recruiting office in the Brandon Armouries in early 1940, recruiting for The Winnipeg Rifles, Grenadiers and other units, despatching them off to MD 10 in Winnipeg by afternoon train, in mufti- no uniforms or equipment available at that time. After a few months, recruiting ceased owing to these shortiges, and the Recruiting staff proceeded to Winnipeg for eventual posting to the 101st Traing Centre at Fort Brandon Barracks

Sgt Roy Parrett and Bdr Ken Kelly at UC Exchange
The A3 Artillery Training Centre now at Shilo

The Artillery Training Centre (WC) began at The Manitoba Agriculture Centre, Winnipeg- Fort Garry, then moved to Shilo Camp for the duration. After a gunnery school at Fort Garry, your editor was sent to the Signal Wing and posted to the Canadian Signal Training Centre in Kingston, in 1940 and 1941, returing to Shilo in 1942, and to Officer's Training Centre at Gordon Head, Victoria that year. After advanced training at A4 ATC in Brandon, and at A3 ATC, Shilo, it was six months at Debert, Nova Scotia, then overseas in early 1943.


This Humber scout car was made by White- who also made many civilian trucks in peacetime, now converted to wartime production.

15th Field Scout Car with Roy Parrett in Belgium
This Humber car could travel backwards also, and had smoke cannisters for a hasty retreat!

D Troop, 15th Field Regt. RCA with trophy.
Your Editor, Roy Parrett, seated on the left.

Heading overseas on the SS Beaverhill in early 1944, your editor went through the usual driving drill "on the wrong side of the road" in blacked-out and bombed England, survived two motorcycle courses (to keep us "busy") and numerous firing exercises at the School of Artillery, Seaford Sussex, plus sightseeing in London and visiting relatives, I was posted to 15th Field Regiment, RCA, of 4th Armoured Division in action in Europe.

We fought our way across Belguim and Holland, and crossed the Rhine on a pontoon bridge into Germany at Cleve and into the Province of Oldenberg, I served also as artillery rep at 16th Infanrty Brigade,and was at Varrel, only 15 kilometers south of Wilhemshaven and it's big naval base when the Cease Fire came. After some weeks of Occupation in Germany, the regiment was withdrawn to Holland, but I managed to get home via the Queen Elizabeth in January 1946.


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