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More of the Clan

Seen for George's August 12th, 1917 wedding, are grandfather George Purchase, the best man, bridgroom George Jr., the Vine parents standing. Seated- bridesmaid, bride Ethyl May (Vine) and Louise Purchase.

George Purchase and Ethel Vine wedding -1912
George, centre, in uniform with friend as best man.

The years have moved on and here are six of the children, as adults in Dorset. Seated are, Helen, George, Annie and Henry. Behind are Louise and Jesse. My mother Mable and aunt Florence are farming in Canada, and Alice has married Phil Wadge.

Six of the Purchase family as adults.

Purchase uncles and aunts in Wimborne, June 1962.
Welcoming brother Alg and spouse Mable from Canada

Here are most of the Purchase clan in June, 1962, gathered in Wimborne,  to welcome brother Algernon, and spouse Mabel, who are visiting from Winnipeg.

They are (L to R)- a visitor, Jesse, Dennis Slocock, Mable and Alg, Annie, Henry, Ethel, Angus, George and Florence.

Eight Purchase cousins at Angus and Janet's -1985
For Roy Parrett, Canada, and Kathleen Pike, Cyprus.

In 1985, cousins Roy Parrett from Canada, and Kathleen Pike, from Cyprus were in Englend at the same time, so Angus and Janet had a reception for them at their house, near Blandford.

Seen are host Angus, Ken Wadge, Kathleen Burleigh, John Purchase, Jean Foskett, Roy Parrett, Joyce Slocock, and Kathleen Pike,

Joyce Slocock- nee Wheelton- has a 75th birthday
Most of the Purchases gathered in 1994 to help celebrate!


Roy Parrett, at 89, in his Victoria, B.C. front yard today.

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