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In Holland for the 60th Anniversary of the Liberation of Holland, we veterans were guests of the WELCOME AGAIN VETERANS Committee of Holten. They billeted us with Dutch families and provided us with a fleet of busses for transportation, and splendid guides. My friend from Peterborough, Doug Dunlop and I were lucky- we got Gerry van Zeijts, who we called "Garry," and Joke Voordes (that's pronounced "Yoke!"). They looked after us very well, turning us out for the many events, and providing us with a running commentary in excellent English.

Yoke Voordes and Garry van Zeijts guides-on left

Guide Joke Voordes presenting medals
There's a glimpse of Doug Dunlop in the background

Joke Voordes and Gerry van Zeijts with veteran
Joke and Gerry guided us to all the activities

The Burgomeister's presentation in Holten
Roy Parrett and Doug Dunlop seen on the right

Every house and street had flags and banners!
And some streets had burning torches at night

Every building, street and house displayed banners and Canadian flags, and WELCOME CANADIANS signs.

For ten days we were royally entertained by our hosts, THE WELCOME AGAIN VETERANS committee, and by our host families. There were things to do and see every day, and The Orillia Military Band playing for us daily, and everything complimentary!

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