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The River Parrett runs through Somerset and into the sea at Burnham -on- Sea. My father was born in the area, along with my ancesters, hence the Parrett name. When in England I travelled the river and researched it's name.It is Olde English, evolved from Pedrestrem, (1324); Pedridan and Pedredan, and Peret (1223). Parrett meant "Foot of the stream."Before the Normans came in 1066, people lived in small villages and didn't have last names- "John the baker, George the tailor" being sufficient.

Soon the Normans required last names for taxation, compiling the Domesday Book listings. Many took the name of the local squire, a nearby river, or even the local pub- the "Swan", or an occupation- Smith or Tanner. The Norman taxmen often supplied a last name- "John Tall", "John Short", "John Stout," or perhaps "John Whitehead."My ancesters, in Somerset, became Parretts. The river has bike and walking trails, and a fine scenic Website, which you can click up.

There is a Parrett Mountain, near Portland, Oregon, named after a father and three sons, by that name, who came from England and settled in the area in pioneer days. It has a weather reporting service and radar station, a resort development, and a Website. You can get weather reports 24 hours a day from Parrett Mountain.

Weather radar map from Parrett Mountain

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