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Bringing down the mighty!

Son Glenn Parrett is a Justice of the British Columbia Supreme Court. Recently he was in the news over a devastating judgement that he brought down against the government then in power. The government had given a contract to Carrier Lumber Company to cut diseased trees, which threatened the provincial forests. Carrier built five saw mills, and made arrangements to harvent the diseased trees, but when protesters blocked the roads, the government gave them a veto over cutting. Carrier sued and the case came before Justice Parrett, who ruled in favour of Carrier and awarded substantial damages.

Here's Justice Glen Parrett in 2004
Justice Glenn Parrett

Justice Parrett had some scathing comments about the government's actions including: "When public servants choose to embark on such conduct, utilizing the powers they hold to cause damage to others and to cover their own actions, they must understand, clearly and unequivocally that they will be held accountable for such abuse."

At the next election, the government then in power, and the
main players in this case were defeated.

There are several pages on the INTERNET about the Carrier Lumber case, and Justice Parretts findings, which make interesting reading. Just click the link below:




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