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HAPPY MOON FESTIVAL!- Early September brings the Harvest Moon everywhere, at harvest time, celebrated in China by making and eating Moon Cakes. My Victoria students gave me some- very good ones too. None left unfortunatly, but enjoy the sensational photo!


My student Shelsing has just received her driving licence, December, and has a new car- a Chevrolet Corsica, and your editor, Roy, a new car also- a Ford Taurus LX, neither of us has found out what all of the buttons do -
so look out other drivers! 
This Christmas, Shelsing will visit her father in Vancouver- the new car on the ferry? And your editor with daughter Maureen at son Vern and Alice's here in Victoria. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYBODY!

English cousins Linda and Richard Hydes from Salisbury were in Victoria and British Columbia, this September.

Richard took many pictures with his fine digital camera, so look for photos soon!

This is Salisbury with the famous cathedral

This is the Salisbury area,with it's famous cathedral prominent. My dad lived at Bishopstone, Wiltshire, nearby.

This was a Christmas Card sent by radio amateur friend, John Shergold.

People shouting at the world over megaphones; Size=240 pixels wide

What's New- daughter-in-law Dianne Parrett at Prince George, British Columbia is into Dragon Boat racing in a big way! She and her team have travelled the province and on Friday, September 11th, this year- they are off to Kelowna to perform. And daughter Maureen, in Victoria, is into wine making, sometimes with two batches at a time. Son Vern, in Victoria, a big-time fishing and hunting guy, is recovering from gashing his index finger while reeling in a big one.

Want to view the spectacular Parrett nude- which is a classic? Jusy click the link below.

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This is about me learning to fly at 16!

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