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The Family Nude

THE BATHER by Allegrain
An 18th Century feminine beauty

A courtly ideal feminine beauty- the French Ideal- "small of head and delicate in body, with a poetic charm and harmonious elegance."

This is THE BATHER, by Allegrain, in the Louvre, Paris. For years we had two copies of this classic sculpture, but one was broken in transit. But, we enjoy the surviver. The original, an 18th century French masterpiece, was sculpted for Madame Du Barry in 1767- some say she posed for it- its 63" size seems to fit- and placed in the gardens of Louvrcienne.

From the Moreton home in Dorset

Each one of my mother's family- the Purchases of Moreton, Dorset- who left for the "Colonies" at marriage, was given an article of furniture from the home. My mother- Mable- brought this carved chair, which we now treasure in our Victoria, British Columbia home. It was already old then, altough we are uncertain of its origin- Viking or Jute?
Any ideas appreciated.

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