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Parrett family

My father, George, came to Canada from Wiltshire in 1908 "to learn farming," worked on farms in Manitoba, and bought his own at Pilot Mound a few years later. He sent for mother, Mable Purchase, of Moreton, Dorset, in 1912, mother arriving in an April blizzard, met by dad's neighbor, in a box sleigh. (She had expected a coach-in-four from a "land owner!) They headed trough the snow- no roads then- mother expecting "the Manor House," but finding a prairie shack.

My mother Mable, left, and Aunt Elsie the farm
Mother said, "at home we had a girl to do the wash>"

George Parrett Jr. at Pilot Mound farm 1914.
Baby George died in Winnipeg in the 'flu epidemic 1917.

George Parrett Jr. born 1914 on a Pilot Mound farm
Born on a neighbor's farm (they had a telephone!)

Mother, unused to housework in the family home in England, had to make soap from ashes and lime on the Pilot Mound, Manitoba farm. And the rain barrel in the photo "blew away for miles and miles," and was dented beyond further use. When her first child was due, she went to neighbors, the Mannings three miles away, "as the telephone poles didn't reach to our house." It was a boy. Doctor Speechly came from Pilot Mound by cutter in a blizzard, was thrown out three times on the way. He arrived after brother George was born.

Elsie and Will Parrett & George and Mable Parrett
Probably Elsie and Will's Wedding photo in 1913.

Aunt Elsie came from Salisbury to marry uncle Will Parrett, they late farmed at Khedive, Sask. but Will died there in 1917. A son, Kenneth, was born on the farm, moved to Brandon with his mother in the 1930s, then to British Columbia, where he was fatally injured in a logging mill accident just before WW11.


Family Photo Album